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Self Mapping

Using jargon free tools such as the Rainbow Map will help you develop a whole brain and body way of noticing your symptoms earlier and more reliably.

This type of self-awareness  opens up opportunities for you to access new and improved resources within and around you.

These resources help to reduce the intensity and duration of your symptoms, support a more rapid recovery and lead to improved mental strength. 

Download the one page Rainbow Map and start using it to improve your ability to identify your symptoms earlier and activate resources that reduce their intensity and duration.

Spend 12 minutes watching this video which will get you started on using the Rainbow Map and other free resources on this website

Access the resources on this website through the Menu in any sequence you wish or follow this step by step self-help approach yourself or with another person that you trust: 

Step 1: Self Awareness

The Rainbow Map helps you develop a new type of self awareness so that you can notice your brain and body  in therapeutically useful ways. 

Step 2: Resources & Healing

Learn how to use that new form of self-awareness to develop and activate resources that help to reduce the intensity and duration of your symptoms.

Optional Step 3:

Legacy Behaviours

If you think you need additional help to reinforce your capacity to keep on reducing the intensity and duration of your symptoms.

Step 4: Resilience 1

Deepen your psychological strength by learning more about the fundamental drivers for human behaviour. 

Step 5: Resilience 2

Keep on increasing your psychological resilience by reading the books and learning about the theories that have contributed to the creation of  the Rainbow Mapping suite of tools and concepts. 

Read how a person who experienced anger, anxiety and depression used the Rainbow Map and the Reflective Mind and Reactive Brain Brain/Body Model to recover.   


Watch Andrew Thomas, the UK based psychotherapist who developed the Rainbow Mapping suite of tools and concepts, give a short introduction to the Rainbow Map and this website.

Rainbow Mapping Publications

Training delivered by  

Andrew Thomas MBACP (Accred) MAPA and Colleagues through a range of recorded modules and supporting PDF's.

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