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The Legacy Behaviour Experience Module

Important. While parts of the Legacy Behaviour Experience ask us to look at how our survival system was trained when we were younger, it does not require a detailed and intensive immersion in past events. However if you find yourself triggering in connection with this work to an uncomfortable extent it is better to stop and do something else until you can comfortably return to it. 

Please click  here to go to the launch page for this module.


The Legacy Behaviour Experience is focussed on helping us understand how our survival system was trained generating Legacy Behaviours that gradually become invisibly emeshed into what we come to describe as our personality.

Our Legacy Behaviours' original role were to reduce the duration and/or intensity of the discomfort we were experiencing using the resources we had access to within and external to us in earlier phases of our life. 


As we grow older, and the demands made on us change some Legacy Behaviours can can become increasingly misaligned with our needs and perhaps those of others around us.


The resources we have access to within and external to us also change as do our capabilities which add to the discomfort we and perhaps others around us are experiencing. 

This can cause us to cast around, often in middle age, for reasons for this growing sense of discomfort which we may largely attribute to external factors such as partners, friends, work, society.....?


This tool is focussed on helping us identify which Legacy Behaviours no longer align with our needs as well as they once did. It then focusses and initiates work that helps us recondition existing resources or develop new ones.


However it is just a tool and has been designed to sit within whatever overall  approach you have to working with your clients and/or yourself. 


Note: While it is helpful if you have used the Rainbow Map prior to viewing this module it is not essential if you are already engaged in work that supports your capacity to notice how your reflective mind and reactive brain/body system changes as you trigger into fight/flight or hide/freeze states (See Reflective Mind and Reactive Brain/Body  Module). 

Please click  here to go to the launch page for the Legacy Behaviour module. 

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