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Introduction to the
Rainbow Map
Modules Section

Today mental health professionals across the world are using Rainbow Mapping  tools and concepts in their  work with thousands of clients who often take the first tool to be developed, the Rainbow Map, home to use as a self-help tool between sessions and once therapy has finished.


Andrew Thomas started to develop the Rainbow Mapping tools and concepts in 2014 to help his clients become more self-aware of their whole brain and body experience before, during and after fight/flight and/or hide play dead episodes of discomfort.


That awareness helped them develop ways to notice when their behaviours were becoming compulsive causing unwanted outcomes.


They could then use that raised level of self-awareness to improve existing or develop new resources that reduced the intensity and duration of their discomfort.


They were able to activate those resources more reliably and earlier by learning how to notice themselves starting to trigger in response to what was happening within and around them.

By the end of the first YouTube Short Introduction to the Rainbow Map module (15 min), you will have a basic understanding of what that tool is and some ideas on how it can be used and how that links to other Rainbow Mapping concepts and tools. 

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